Office History

After completing his residency training at Loma Linda University in Southern California in 2008, Dr. Puterman entered private practice in McLean, Virginia and downtown Washington, DC. In 2011 he opened his own practice with a vision of providing the highest level of patient care in a way that made patients feel relaxed and welcomed. The practice quickly outgrew the space and Dr. Puterman then built his state of the art office in 2013. In our new facility, we’re now able to offer the best of technology and treatment options in the most comforting setting.

We realize that many Bethesda and Washington, DC patients feel anxious about dental work, particularly surgical treatment, and our goal is to help you understand the concerns that brought you in as well as your available options. Whether you have a small gum issue, broken or missing teeth, or are in need of major reconstructive work, we cater to your individual needs, small and large.

As one of the only periodontists in the Bethesda and Washington, DC area qualified to perform IV sedation, Dr. Puterman sees many people who haven’t seen a dentist in decades due to fear of treatment and fear of feeling judged at other dental offices. Thankfully, we find that treating people respectfully, no matter what your history, has shown that our patients’ lives can be changed through promotion of optimal oral health.

We think that the best care comes from people who care and you’ll immediately notice that not only does our staff perform at the highest level, you’ll also find that they are friendly and have genuine interest in helping you. We do our best to attend to your needs so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with a question.

Contact our office in the Bethesda and Washington, DC area to schedule a consultation at (301) 652-0939.