Orthodontic Support

The ImplantsDC team’s experience and expertise offers referring doctors and patients specialized orthodontic and cosmetic support for Canine Exposure and Frenectomies.

Canine Exposure

It is not uncommon for one or more canine teeth, which typically arrive around age 12, to be impacted and not properly emerge from the gums. Exposing the canines for proper bracket placement during orthodontic treatment is critical to a beautifully balanced smile. Orthodontists often refer children aged 11-15 with impacted canines to our specialists for treatment.

With the advanced experience and training of our surgical team, parents can expect a short and sedated surgery with aesthetically pleasing results.


Frenum tissue connects the lower gums to the tongue and the upper gums to the upper lip. Abnormally sized frenum tissue may affect oral function, movement, and appearance.

Labial Frenum

The frenum attaching the upper gums and center upper lip may need to be treated if it hinders gum tissue development, causes alignment issues, or leads to a gap between the top middle teeth. Removal of the frenum will allow the orthodontist to restore any gap between the front teeth.

Lingual Frenum

The frenum attached to the tongue may sometimes be too large, restricting the tongue’s movement. Untreated, a prominent lingual frenum may lead to speech issues, misalignment of teeth, inhibited jaw development, and gum recession. Removal of the frenum will allow the patient to speak easier while stemming the other potential issues.

Surgical Treatment

After consulting with the referring doctor and personally assessing the patient, our specialists will perform a minor surgical procedure to remove the upper and/or lower frenum. The procedure typically only takes a few minutes and can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation. Our advanced laser technology makes our procedures faster with fewer complications and reduced healing time.


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