Helping Colleagues

We love to help our colleagues

Helping Colleagues Serve Patients

As some of the premier “go to” periodontal specialists, the ImplantsDC team always seeks to represent our colleagues well while delivering the highest standard of care for their patients.

“I am extremely happy that my dentist referred me to Dr. Puterman, as his skills and "chairside manner" are by far the best I have experienced. Dr. Puterman was the first to spot a barely-visible anomoly in an xray, with the result that a non-periodontal problem was caught early enough that the tooth could be saved. Similarly, Dr. Puterman is the only periodontist who kept looking long enough for the root cause of my gum issues to identify the real problem (mouth breathing, not hygiene) and develop a course of action that might actually help. Dr. Puterman is simply the best.”


Your Patients Can Expect

Superior Results

You and your patients want the best result possible. Our team's specialization in Implant Dentistry in addition to Perio gives us the prosthetic knowledge needed to help achieve a great implant result.

Extensive Experience

With every treatment and every patient, ImplantsDC brings thousands of hours of knowledge, clinical skill, and complex case management to the chair. We take pride in using our experience to help provide treatment plans to colleagues and guide them as needed.

Helping Colleagues Learn Advanced Skills

Drs. Puterman, Levine and Hasan offer educational opportunities for General Dentists, Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists and Endodontists. He is currently offering courses with Dr. Matthew Fien on Guided Bone Regeneration.

Upcoming Education Events

Guided Bone Regeneration Course – Aventura, FL

This ground breaking “hands-on” training course teaches advanced suturing techniques as well as a variety of techniques to produce predictable results to grow bone for placement of implants.

Helping Colleagues Connect, Collaborate, & Grow

With a deep commitment to help colleagues connect, collaborate, and grow professionally, Dr. Puterman co-leads the Friendship Heights Spear Study Club.

Doctor-To-Doctor Consultation

The Implants DC team is available to consult with you in any of the following areas:

  • Treatment planning and assessment
  • Multiple toothless spaces/complex implant cases
  • Bone and soft tissue grafting
  • Full mouth implant rehabilitation
  • Full dentures or partials needing implant stabilization

Please feel free to contact us. Informal inquiries are welcome.