Oral Pathology

What is Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology is the medical field of identifying and managing diseases that affect the mouth, neck, and face.

Patients should consider an oral pathology evaluation if they notice:

While these symptoms often represent benign and common skin issues, further investigation helps patients know the nature of a lesion. In the few cases in which a lesion is malignant, diagnosing the cancer early can give patients more options for successful treatment.

First Steps

If you notice any potential symptoms, please contact our office for an oral pathology evaluation. During your initial consultation, our team listens to your concerns, examines the site of the lesion, and asks you questions related to your health that may help in diagnosing the lesion. If your oral pathology care requires a biopsy, we conduct the procedure with your comfort as a priority. Oral or IV sedation is used to help you relax and rest easy as he removes a portion of the lesion to send to the pathologist for analysis. Typically, the pathologist provides a report of their findings within a few days. Our team will call you to discuss the results and any recommended steps. You will receive a digital and hard copy of the analysis so that you can have it for your records or to assist in your further treatment.

Aesthetic Approach to Biopsy

A biopsy is a critical step in determining any risk that a lesion may pose, but removing a sample of the site is not the only goal of the surgery. Because lesions are often benign, our specialists also seek to leave the treatment site natural-looking and cosmetically appealing. As world-class surgeons, we invest extensive time planning and sculpting this type of outcome for oral pathology patients.


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