Gum Grafting

Gum grafts can be used to cover roots or develop gum tissue where absent due to excessive gingival recession. Various methods can be used in gum grafting, including donor tissue, which gives the patient more options, minimizes discomfort, and reduces recovery time.

Do You Need Gum Grafting?

If one or more of your teeth appear longer than others, you may be experiencing gum recession. While the appearance of recession detracts from the aesthetics of your smile, it may also signal a more significant oral health concern. Gum recession leaves your teeth susceptible to developing plaque and cavities in the tooth’s root, a problem that a simple filling is unlikely to correct effectively. Gum recession is also a sign that you are losing tooth-supporting bone beneath the surface.

Dr Puterman did my gum graft and he took a personal caring to make sure everything went smoothly. He is an excellent surgeon and just a genuinely caring and very skilled man! I highly recommend him!


Causes of Gum Recession

Factors contributing to gum recession include aggressive teeth brushing, poor oral hygiene, naturally “thin” gum tissue, tooth crowding, an outward position of the teeth, uneven and heavy biting forces, and genetics. While gum recession is the most visible sign of damage, you may also be experiencing bone loss beneath the surface of your gums. Without intervention, damage can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Benefits of Gum Grafting

Gum grafting solves aesthetic problems and structural concerns caused by gum recession.

Regenerate Bone Growth

Gum tissue grafts have been shown to not only provide for long-term tooth protection, but also to regenerate bone growth.

Healthy Gumline

Gum issues often have both health and aesthetic consequences. Gum tissue grafts create a healthy and protective gumline while also improving the overall appearance of teeth that may have appeared to be too long.

Dependable Root Coverage

Exposed roots lead to pain and serious issues for the involved tooth. Full coverage with gum tissue prevents the opportunity for root exposure and future damage in the treated area.

reduce tooth loss

Gum recession is defined by bone loss in addition to gum loss. With enough recession, the tooth becomes unstable and may require removal. Gum grafting helps avoid this.

Expert Treatment

As periodontal specialists, the ImplantsDC team specializes in procedures related to the teeth’s supporting structures, including gum grafting. Experience, expertise, and excellent results make us the “go to” specialists for patients and referring doctors.

If one of your teeth appears longer than normal, or if you can see the tooth root, gum grafting may be the solution you need. To learn more, please contact us today.

Natural Healing Boost After Surgery

With our team, patients experience a natural healing boost after implant surgery with the advanced technology of Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy (L-PRF™). It’s as painless as a routine blood test and 100% natural. Using a small sample of your blood, L-PRF™ bioactive clots are formed by separating and concentrating your platelets and helpful proteins. Much like a natural “band-aid”, these powerful L-PRF™ clots are then placed on your surgery site to boost the natural healing process.


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