Bone & Sinus Grafting

Specialized Treatements for Dental Implants

ImplantsDC offers specialized treatments required in preparation for successful dental implants. Our specialists are national leaders in bone grafting techniques, and regularly teach this specialty to other dental practitioners around the country.

Bone Grafting

Missing teeth cause the jawbone to atrophy and become absorbed by the body. Bone grafting while removing a tooth is designed to preserve the natural bone contours. If a tooth has been missing for an extended period, we may recommend a bone graft to strengthen the jaw. Dental Implants require adequate bone density and volume for successful implant placement. Our team utilizes modern bone grafting techniques to augment weakened jaws and bone structures in preparation for dental implants. A bone graft by an experienced clinician will help regenerate the bone necessary for a long-lasting implant.

Sinus Grafting

If you have a missing or damaged tooth near the back of your upper jaw, you may be a good candidate for tooth replacement with a dental implant. Sometimes, however, the position or size of your sinus cavities may require treatment prior to the placement of your implant. Our specialists use minimally invasive techniques to perform a sinus graft to help ensure the stability and durability of your new tooth.


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