Leading Technology Solutions

A wide range of leading edge technologies available in our state-of-the-art facility enables our team to deliver faster, easier and more effective treatment.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy

Driven by a passion to provide leading edge, world-class care for our patients, we are now using Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy to help patients experience naturally better healing after surgery. We collect a small sample of your blood prior to your surgery. Bioactive clots are formed using a centrifuge system that separates and concentrates platelets and helpful proteins found in your blood.

Much like a natural “band-aid”, these powerful clots are then placed on your surgery site to boost the natural healing process. Because we use your own blood without any additives, it is a 100% natural solution to greatly enhancing post surgery recovery.

Seiler’s PromiseVision 3D Microscope

This dental microscope improves our ability to diagnose patients accurately and educate them about their unique oral health. Its ergonomic design and 28x magnification make it one of the most cutting-edge tools in dentistry today. With 6 magnification ranges, up to 51mm depth of field, LED illumination, and the ability to capture 3D images and video, visibility of microsctructures on the teeth has been greatly improved with this microscope.

LANAP® Laser

ImplantsDC utilizes the most advanced LANAP® laser technology available. The PerioLase® Nd:YAG laser delivers gentle pulses of light to effectively root out and kill the damaging bacteria hidden between teeth and gums. While traditional scalpel (blade) surgery can harm healthy gum tissue, LANAP® focuses precisely on the diseased tissue leaving healthy tissue unharmed. The result is a more relaxing patient experience with faster healing.

X-Nav Dynamic Imaging Guided Surgery

Dynamic imaging guided surgery uses advanced camera technology to pinpoint your specialist’s precise position and movements. A monitor helps us clearly see the position of tracked surgical instruments within three-dimensional images of the patient’s anatomy. Implant placement with X-Nav has been found to be 11 times more accurate than freehand. The result is a safer, faster, and less invasive surgical approach leading to the most precise dental implant placement available.


If you have ever experienced traditional dental impressions and the goo that goes with it, you probably have no interest in enduring it again. The TRIOS scanner allows our team to capture high definition digital video and images of your teeth without the mess of traditional impressions. That means a far more convenient and better patient experience with better modeling for the dental labs to create precision dental solutions for you.


Utilizing an advanced ultra-sonic instrument, our team is able to make precision incisions into the bone without the potential for damaging surrounding areas including gums, cheek, and tongue. These smaller, minimally-invasive incisions lead to faster healing, less swelling, less bleeding, and a better patient experience.


Precision imaging means precision treatment. Without the discomfort of traditional bitewings, our cone beam imaging system provides a high-definition anatomical scan producing 3-D images of the bones, teeth, nerves, sinuses, and structure of the head, face, neck and jaw.  The resulting images free of distortion, anatomically precise, and well beyond the exactitude of traditional X-rays.