COVID-19 Protocols

For the safety of both you and our team, we require that each of our patients fill out this COVID-19 precautionary safety form prior to arriving at the office. Our staff completes a similar form daily as well.

We sincerely hope that all of you, our patients, families, friends, and colleagues, are healthy and doing well in this trying time. We are grateful for your interest in returning to our office and know that you put your trust in us. We therefore want to explain the steps that we are taking to help keep both you and our team healthy.

We have always met or exceeded recommendations by the CDC, ADA, and OSHA when it comes to cleanliness and sterility protocols. With the implantation of the following, you can be certain that we are exceeding even the latest updated COVID-19 recommendations:


Virtual consults. We are doing the majority of our consultations virtually. With the proper x-rays, a good history and a face to face virtual conversation, we are able to review many of your conditions online. This allows you to comfortably and safely stay in your home and allows us to get to know each other while seeing each other’s smiles, no masks involved.

More time. We are spreading out your appointment times, giving more time between patients for additional cleaning procedures.

Open door policy. So that you don’t need to touch the door handles, we will keep our doors open for entry and exit in the office

We wash our hands, a lot. Frequent washing of hands is one of the most effective ways to limit transfer of germs.

We will look different. To keep everyone safe, our team will wear new personal protective equipment including masks, gowns, head coverings, and face shields as needed.

More suction. We have new extra-oral suction equipment that reduces the amount of aerosol produced during your procedures

Cleaner air. New medical grade HEPA air filtration units that you will see through the office

Cleaner surfaces. New additional disinfection systems and protocols, both at the front desk and clinical areas. You will see us frequently cleaning high-touch surfaces

Check out our beautiful office view. Although our reception room books were loved, we have removed the reading material. Like you, we do hope they can return soon.

More service. Coffee and water will be provided to you by our team, if you'd like

More touch-free systems. Forms, consents and payments can all be done on your phone, tablet or computer. If a pen is required, we have pre-wrapped pens for you to use and keep

Cleaner clothes. Our team changes clothes in the office so that we don’t bring what’s outside to you and vice versa.

Closed door policy. To limit airflow between the room and the rest of the office, we will close the door to your treatment room


Your health. To verify your current health status, we will require completion of a quick online COVID-19 form within 48 hours prior to each visit.

Your arrival. When you arrive, we will take your temperature before you enter the office. It must be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit to be admitted into the office. Although we love seeing your faces, you will be provided a mask if you do not have one. We will help you sanitize your hands as you enter and as you leave our office

Stay cool. After checking it, if your temperature is found to be 100.4 or higher, your appointment will be rescheduled, and you will be asked to seek medical attention from your physician

More space. To maintain social distancing, a very limited number of patients will be permitted in the office at a single time

Alone time. Patients will need to come without a companion, unless medically necessary or under 18 years of age

Less waiting. Our reception area will be for minimal time use. You can remain downstairs or in your car and we will call/text you to come up to the office when we are ready for you

Rinse before opening wide. We will provide you with a special mouth rinse when you sit down. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which may help reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus

Of course, there will be many changes regarding how we run the office. In a constantly changing environment our team is meeting regularly to review every detail of your visit, from the time you walk into the office to the moment that you are back home, and we're determined to keep you safe.

Thank you again for your support, patience and understanding. We remain your teammate and will always have your health as our highest priority. We can't wait to see you.

All our best,

Dr. Israel Puterman and team