Dr. Israel Puterman offers patients several options for reducing anxiety and improving comfort during procedures. Whether you are having a relatively simple treatment or require more complex care, he can provide sedation dentistry to make your appointment a more pleasant, low-stress experience.

Dr. Puterman is one of the only providers of sedation dentistry who can offer both oral and IV sedation. The latter option gives patients several benefits, including more precise dosing and a predictable timetable for when the effects will wear off.

Patients who choose sedation dentistry with Dr. Puterman are consistently surprised at how easy their appointment is. Numbing medication makes sedation very comfortable, and as a result of the treatment, a lengthy procedure can feel like it took only a few minutes.

Sedation Dentistry with IV Medication

A higher level of comfort and a low-anxiety experience are two of the great benefits of sedation dentistry. A 2011 study suggests an additional advantage: that IV sedation may be safer for patients than receiving no sedation. The study found that the patients who were sedated during dental implant procedures had more stable blood pressure than patients undergoing procedures without sedation.

While Dr. Puterman can provide oral sedation or IV sedation, the latter is a more predictable approach for patients:

IV sedation dentistry allows Dr. Puterman to add a small amount of medication at a time until you have reached the necessary level, and he can maintain this state to the end of the procedure.

Oral medication comes in pre-determined amounts. Typically, patients will take a pill, wait one half-hour for the doctor to evaluate if they are sedated sufficiently, and then receive another pill if needed.

The IV approach also tends to be a deeper level of sedation, allowing you to sleep through treatment. Because Dr. Puterman can adjust the amount of medication with the IV, he can time it so that you wake up right at the conclusion of the appointment.

Twilight Sedation

Patients who opt for IV sedation (twilight sleep) dentistry may  sleep through the procedure. This is the same as a typical colonoscopy sedation.

With twilight sedation, you will be responsive to simple directions but will be completely relaxed, feel relief from anxiety, and may sleep through the appointment. Generally, patients have little, to no memory of the procedure and the time period immediately after. It is similar to the state you might enter if you fall asleep while watching TV; you may recall some of the program that was playing, but you won’t really remember the experience, and time will have passed quickly for you.

This form of sedation dentistry is milder than going completely to sleep. It tends to have fewer side effects than general anesthesia and a shorter recovery period after surgery. As with other forms of IV sedation, you will need to fast for about six hours beforehand, and you will need someone to drive you to and from your visit.

Certification in Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a well-established and effective option for your care, and surgeons who provide IV sedation require advanced training and certification to ensure the safety of patients. Dr. Puterman and his staff actually exceed these standards:

  • He participated in two separate residency programs in implant dentistry and has employed IV sedation over his years in training and practice.
  • Dr. Puterman and every member of his surgical staff hold certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and renew their certification annually.
  • In addition to established medical protocols, the practice includes equipment that improves safety and comfort for patients. His equipment surpasses the state safety requirements.

As a result of these measures, you can have confidence in the care that you will receive from our practice.

Choosing Sedation Dentistry

In some cases, patients receive sedation because their procedure will be lengthy, invasive, or complex. Choosing this approach improves patient comfort and allows Dr. Puterman to work with precision.

In other cases, sedation dentistry is a choice that patients make for a better personal experience. Anxiety about dental and periodontal procedures is very common. Patients may delay treatment or opt not to receive the care they require as a result, or they may have a high degree of stress over their appointment. Sedation dentistry can alleviate these problems, help people get the care they need, and provide them with a better outlook on dental visits.

Patients often want to know whether they can have sedation dentistry if the visit is for something that is relatively minor. Dr. Puterman can provide sedation for nearly any treatment, even something as standard as checking the periodontal pockets. A higher level of patient comfort means that they can get more effective treatment while having a positive experience. Regardless of the procedure you may require, our practice encourages you to discuss this option during your consultation.

“Dr. Puterman is a wonderfully skilled dentist, but more than that, he has an excellent bedside manner. He cared about my comfort level, managed my anxiety, and did a marvelous job with my surgical procedure. I ... ”

- A.L.

“Dr. Puterman and his staff are all so wonderful! I never felt anything but relaxed at every visit. I had two different gum graft surgeries and am incredibly happy with the results. Would highly recommend this ... ”

- Allie S.

“I give Dr. Puterman and his staff 5-star rating for the following reasons: clean, relaxing environment and extremely welcoming staff; no waiting period once I stepped into the office; appointment was scheduled ... ”

- Anne H.

“Dr. Puterman performed a bone graft surgery on my daughter last year. This was a very scary surgery for a 13 year old girl. The staff made her feel comfortable and less scared. They were very patient with her ... ”

- Beatriz G. K.

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Dr. Puterman provides sedation dentistry to help patients receive excellent care and experience a more comfortable appointment. To learn more about your options, schedule a visit online or by phone at (301) 652-0939.