Piezo Surgery

Smaller incisions. Faster healing. Less Swelling. Less Discomfort.

The traditional method of making cuts in bone uses a high speed drill that can damage adjacent tissue including the gums, your cheek, your tongue, or even adjacent nerves. Piezo Surgery involves the use of an advanced ultra-sonic instrument that makes precise incisions in bone only, without harming the adjacent tissue. In fact, you can press it against your finger while it’s running without causing any damage.

This technique allows for smaller incisions, more minimally-invasive surgery, faster bone healing, less bleeding, and less post-surgical discomfort and swelling.

You can read more about PiezoSurgery, and see the hundreds of studies that have shown its effectiveness.

Here is an example of a bone cut with Piezo:

And below is an example of a bone cut with traditional bone drill. Note the bone burning caused by the high heat generated with a standard device.


Easier, quicker, and more predictable procedures.

Traditionally, grafting of larger amounts of bone requires the use of materials that need to be removed in a subsequent surgery. Small grafts could be done with dissolving bone stabilizers. This made large graft procedures very cumbersome and difficult for you, the patient. Dr. Puterman uses new technology, called SonicWeld, that uses dissolving materials in order to stabilize not just the small bone grafts, but large grafts as well.

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Read more about SonicWeld technology

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